Author: Morrow Brady

The desire ached deep inside. She was in his head again. The first thought of every day, just true perfection. The beautiful dream of her standing in the red dress, echoing through the halls of his mind.

The further he birthed from sleep’s wonderful womb, the nearer he drew to journey’s end. The dreamachine at his bedside, heeding his awareness, disengaged with a click and the memory of her sweet face faded to rejoin the night. Barely a warm feeling lingered by the time he crossed the threshold.

At high sun, a faint image of her beautiful face. A luscious leak of nocturnal thoughts. It was a minor but pleasant side effect of the machine. It momentarily bewitched a faint smile and then she was gone again. His fairy tale was trying to escape his subconscious and needed his help.

He began withdrawing from his family and friends. He ceased the mundane routines and shed lifelong hobbies. At his centre now was his true passion. That moment of fantasy, when she would appear and give meaning to one more breath.

The sun fell below the oaks and silence came in waves. Sleep was coming and he needed to prepare. Power down the home. Take up the armchair with a warming drink and follow the hallway that illuminated his path back to her. He pulled the caressing duvet over his shoulders and tingled as he tempered the cold night. Soon time would exist no more. Click.

Morning sunlight spilt across his bed and he fought consciousness for one dear moment longer. Her eyes lingered until his contented smile broke through. This was the best feeling he would have all day. Click.

He glimpsed her across the park. Her perfect face framed in the window of the lakeside cafe. Dappled light through weeping willows played across her red dress. Elegant fingers cupped a steaming broth. From the water’s edge, he watched her smile at noon’s sun and turn to look his way. Her wondrous eyes touched on his, then passed on by.

He recalled a playground from his youth where he had lacked the nerve to speak to her. The night of the gala when she smiled, only to vanish before his courage arrived. He walked through the tinkling cafe door and approached her. He introduced himself and knew immediately he was a stranger to her. She smiled and politely declined the invitation. He left serenely, knowing they would be together tonight.

She took a deep sip of the warm broth, turned her face to the sun and almost smiled at the thought of his proposition. That night, she pulled her duvet close and tingled into dreams at the click.

The birds on the trees woke her gently and his smile lingered. The handsome face she had dreamt for years finally had a form. Click. She sat mesmerised, grasping at a memory of dreams as they faded to mist.

Time’s river flowed at day and froze at night. Together their dreams intertwined and together their realities crumbled. They passed their nighttime lovers on daytime’s street, each knowing they were one click away from perfection.