Author: Joseph Sidari

“Is that a Shih-Tzu?” She reached down and petted the puppy.
It sniffed her hand, looking up with intelligent eyes.
“Kind of a mix,” he said.
“Oh, right. So many genetically engineered breeds these days. Maybe a Shih-poo?”
“No. That’s Shih-Tzu bred with a poodle.”
“Or a Shorkie?”
“No. That’s with a Yorkie,” he said. “For this pup, we spliced in human DNA.”
“No, seriously. We recovered it from a seventeenth-century poet. It’s a Shih-Speare.”
“You must be kidding.” She laughed. “Will you have it write plays?”
“Don’t be silly,” he said. “Sonnets first. But if those sell…”