Author: I.W.Ray

I don’t know what I am anymore. My river is the Styx but am I a ferryman, a passenger, or a trespasser? I fear no coins will ever pass through these hands. I am alone, the singular soul who has devoted an eternity to this endeavor. No, that’s not the right word. Eternity implies a purpose and a direction.

[Captain, calculations for DF456A in progress. 5 percent complete.]

Every time I try to capture it and start the multi-dimensional folding process, I trigger something. The star and I are reset and get tossed in time and space. Sometimes I’m close to it and other times I’m light-years away. I eventually find it and start the process all over. It is possible. This time I will get it right. Even the improbable can favor a fool.

[Captain, calculations for DF456A in progress. 20 percent complete.]

I folded other stars into gems and sold them for the price of a small galaxy. It is a dangerous, illegal, and vulgar profession. If you made only one you were a legend. It’s even better if you didn’t slaughter multiple planetary systems to get it. I had three. Then I happen upon it by accident. A star that moved through time and space. A star that would never know old age or death. A miracle that will be a trophy for me, the greatest star hunter in the known universe.

[Captain, calculations for DF456A in progress. 60 percent complete.]

I imagine that it is laughing at me but the truth is I’m an insect trying to capture a deity. In my dreams, I talk to it. I threatened it. I bargain and plea with it but it never answers me. It doesn’t matter for I will win this battle of wills. I too can be everlasting.

[Captain, You have multiple incoming messages and one call.]

I heard. The news was a foreign body that lodged in my ear. The computer repeated itself. I didn’t answer but raced to the panels to check my status. I was right back in my original timeline and part of space. The star brought me home? I’ve been home all this time? My fresh young planet was close enough to be on the view screen.
“You’re coming home now my baby. It’s been too long.”
“…Mo…ther? Mother?”
“Yes, it’s me. I haven’t heard from you in years. Please come home. I want to see you. You promised.”

[Captain, calculations for DF456A are 100 percent complete. Initializing protocol on your command.]

“Just one more job mother, then I’ll be home forever.”