Author: Gorilla Sapiens

Well, spit it out boy, what did you find down there?

Machines, sir, self replicating machines.

I see, what were they doing?

As near as we can figure, sir, they’re consuming enormous amounts of power and generating vast amounts of waste heat by feeding themselves random numbers as input to… a puzzle.

Speak plain, boy!

Sir, it’s not my area sir, but the guys over in science think it’s some kind of closed field cubic curve equation.

Any biologicals?

No sir. We believe all life down there died out due to an ecological catastrophe caused by all the waste heat from the machines.

Strange way to suicide, eh son?


Killing your whole planet with a silly game. What a shame.

I suppose so sir.

Alright, catalog it, launch a warning buoy, whatever algorithm that is, is obviously deadly and contagious, level 5. The next closest star system is about 4 light years from here, set a course for that. Trinary system, 2 yellows and a red dwarf, that should be interesting.

Yes sir.