Author: Ryan Hyatt

Since Jenica broke up with Bobby, she noticed a change in mood.
Getting rid of that creep, no matter how good the sex, should have been a cause for celebration.
Instead, every day felt like being buried deeper from her feelings.
“A split is difficult, even if it’s with a guy you hate,” says Cherice, sipping a latte, “or you think you hate. It was like that when I cut off my ex. We get used to what we know, and we don’t respond well to change.”
“Why do you think it was difficult for me to dump him?” says Jenica, eyes wandering from patron to patron at the Bittersweet Café.
Four men wearing white scarves with latex fringe.
Six women wearing bright jackets made with synthetic suede.
All of them looking straight out of a fashion zine, appearing happy to be hip.
Jenica thought she was happy, too. Then, she found Bobby cheating on her, and their relationship finally made sense.
She stormed out of his penthouse, but now, nothing seemed to satisfy her.
Even coffee didn’t taste right.
“How’s your drink?” says Jenica, trying to change the subject.
“Great,” says Cherice. “Just the right amount of foam, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yours?”
Jenica sips her mocha, lets the liquid dance on her lips.
“Tastes like water.”
“That guy really took you for a spin, didn’t he?” Cherice says. “It is water. Your mood modifier just makes you think it isn’t.”
“Maybe that’s the problem,” says Jenica, eyes widening. “My mood modifier isn’t working.”
“Check your app.”
Jenica places her cup on the table. She stares into the facelet wrapped around her wrist. She taps on the screen.
“Must be on the fritz,” she says, flinging her wrist. She checks again. “Wait, what? Oh, no. I think I’ve been hacked.”
“How?” Cherice says. “Who has access?”
“Not sure,” Jenica says. “I left my facelet at Bobby’s one morning when I was late to work –”
“Would he toy with you like that?”
“I can’t think of anyone else who’d screw with my settings …”
“Oh, girl,” Cherice says. “He’s trying to get back at you!”
“With him, it’s probably more than that,” Jenica says. “This is his way of trying get me back.”
“No wonder you’re in such a funk!” Cherice says. “He’s been holding your feelings hostage!”
“Next thing I know, he’ll make me feel like I miss him,” Jenica says. “What should I do?”
Cherice grabs her purse, stands.
“We’re going to the doctor,” she says, “to disable your mood account.”
“That’s invasive surgery, could cost me thousands …”
“Do you want this jackass out of your life?”
“Then you’ve got one more fight to win, girl, to turn back into the person you were before Bobby snuck into your head and messed with your mind.”