Author: Daniel Mainwaring

“Fuck! He’s not breathing,” whimpered Kai. His friend was delirious when they dragged him from the crashed vehicle but he had slipped into unconsciousness as they laid him out on the desert floor.

“Stop freaking out, Kai,” Eli retorted. “He’s breathing, he just fainted. My Dad is going to fucking kill me. He hasn’t let anyone drive this yet and now I’ve wrecked it.”
“I am telling you he is not going to make it,” insisted Kai. His comment was greeted with a finger to the mouth as the operator finally answered Eli’s call.

“Emergency rescue, please state your need,” said the robotic voice on the end of the phone.
“We’ve had an accident. My friend needs emergency attention. I don’t know where we are. We are lost.” Eli and his friends had never ventured far from home. This area was completely alien to them.

“Don’t worry,” replied the operator, “we have your location. Emergency rescue is on the way. Due to the remoteness of your location, the ETA is 60 minutes.”
“Shit,” shrieked Eli. “It’s going to take them an hour to get here, Kai.”
“He’s breathing again,” replied his friend, “but we need to find help.”
The darkness was suddenly disturbed by the introduction of two bright lights beaming in the distance.
“Look,” said Kai, “someone is coming. They can help us.”
The lights were heading rapidly in their direction, sending plumes of dust into the air as a noisy engine headed in their direction. Unnerved, Eli grabbed Kai by the neck and dragged him behind a sand dune as a small truck pulled up alongside their unconscious friend.
“We don’t know anything about the folks around here,” whispered Eli, “they could be dangerous.” Kai nodded in agreement as a mysterious figure dressed in khaki and white emerged from the truck. The hairy creature was like nothing they’d ever seen before.
“What the fuck?” squealed Kai, “it’s an alien.”
“Grow up,” retorted Eli, “It’s just some joker in fancy dress.”
“No,” insisted Kai, “look at its face. It’s mutated.”
Eli peered at the mysterious figure who was now crouched over their helpless friend. Its monstrous nose hung over its gaping mouth. Hair protruded from its eyes, and its ears were like small moons circling a sun.

“Fuck,” whispered Eli, “it’s an alien, it’s a fucking alien. It’s probably psychic or something. It’s going to drag us off to a lab and experiment on us.”
The ground seemed to move as a series of metallic vehicles suddenly emerged from the darkness. Bizarre looking figures dressed in green, emerged from angular machines and seized remnants of the duo’s wrecked vehicle. A figure, with a green bowl on his head spoke into a small black device.
“This is Major Jesse Marcel,” said the creature, “we have a bogey down and one body. Our location is just outside of Roswell, New Mexico.”
Looking on in horror, Kai grasped his friend’s slimy green hand.
“I don’t understand their language,” he mumbled meekly, “but I think they’re hostile.”