Author: Siewleng Torossian

She could not believe the diagnosis. Longevity. Another two hundred and fifty years. She was one of the lucky few. Jumping to her feet, she thanked the doctor.

Even the blue sky seemed bluer and the sun more golden. She practically skipped along the sidewalk. Time to live different. Treasure the extra days, weeks, months, years, two hundred and fifty bonus ones.

She drove home in a state of euphoria. So much she could do, achieve, try and try again. Volunteer everywhere, do more good, learn new skills, travel and travel, taste any food, add to her reading list.

Back at home, she called everyone.

Family and friends cheered. One in ten thousand received the same diagnosis. Did she realize how blessed she was? Now, she had all that time. Today, tomorrow, as endless as eternity. She should take more chances. The future world was hers. She could be going to the moon like stopping at the store.

Glass of wine in hand, she sat at the kitchen table with paper and pen. Where should she start? She wanted to use every second wisely. Her head hurt from the excitement. She tapped the pen. This was too much to handle all at once.

She abandoned the list-making task and stretched out on the couch. Tomorrow, she would start, tomorrow, yes, in fact…no rush.