Author: Julian Miles, Staff Writer

This will be my final blog post. I tried to come up with a proper treatise to leave for what little of posterity remains, but gave up. You’ll have to make do with this.

Imagine, if you will, that you have the power to do any one thing. Anything. No need to be precise with the words of the wish, your intent will do.
‘Do’. A little word with big potential.
What would you choose?
The possibilities frightened me. I chose to do nothing.
Chloe chose…
Well, I guess you’ve worked it out by now.
Those ninety-storey-tall titanium tigers rampaging round the world? Yeah, they’re the result of her probability manifestation. Not sure she got exactly what she wanted, because she died in the aftermath of one of the first attempts to stop them, so it’ll remain a mystery.
Regardless of her intent, they’ve certainly ‘changed the conversation’ around ecological issues. Most organisations now focus on what parts of humanity can be saved because we can’t stop the behemoths. Those not working towards that end fall into three main camps: kill the behemoths, pacify the behemoths, or worship the behemoths.
Even though I chickened out at the beginning, I couldn’t ignore the suffering. The devastation her ‘solutions’ are causing can’t be the right answer.
Professor Eugene said the probability matrix worked on least resistance. To manifest a probability, it would take the easiest route. For all that I’ve tried, I cannot envision what Chloe was trying to achieve. What end result requires unstoppable behemoths rampaging across the Earth unchecked as the simplest method?
With no time to try and work out the answer, I made my way back to the remains of the base. It took me three weeks to get into the laboratory complex. Meanwhile, the lights were going out. Humanity was going down. Some countries had been reduced to hunter/scavenger level.
There wasn’t a lot of power available after the West Coast Behemoth Pack tore through California. I needed a lot to get the probability engine up and running again. I think the grid recovered: most of the black-outs stopped after I made my choice.
My choice? Like I mentioned, there wasn’t much time. I went for something simple: for something to happen that would stop the behemoths. In the silence after making my choice, I experienced a moment of calm, not realising it was one of the ‘before the storm’ variety.
I should have been more specific. Delimited my intent better. Stupidly, I was obsessed with stopping the behemoths, and nothing beyond that. Destroying the probability matrix afterwards wasn’t a good idea either, but thinking about what the people in power might do with it terrified me.
Okay, I admit it. I panicked. Went off half-cocked, then compounded my error.
Yeah. The incoming pair of asteroids are probably my manifestation.
Sorry about that.