Author: David C. Nutt

I have to keep this brief. I don’t know how much time I have and if they find me… well, let’s just say they won’t be delivering glad tidings of comfort and joy.
I never thought a government conspiracy would get me killed. Certainly not this one. If it had to be one, my guess would have been more conventional… aliens at area 51… the illuminati… com trails… but this? Never.
I first noticed it as an anomaly in the radar data. The cute NASA ruse that little my niece fell for each Christmas Eve. You know, tracking his sleigh across the world. Usually, they broadcast the same animation. This year there was a glitch.
For about 4 seconds, the picture was real time, live telemetry from NORAD. How do I know? Did I mention before I was fired I was an air traffic controller? I know what real data looks like. I saw the file signature on the screen and all the juicy bits one usually sees on real radar. Before I realized it, it was back to the cute radar used for the kiddie show. But I had recorded it all.
I downloaded the file to a flash drive. Watched it on my laptop to make sure I got all of it, then wiped out every trace of it on my niece’s computer. I did leave the kiddie show version on and looped it so we could watch it together. We watched that until her bedtime.
Christmas day was a blast! My brother-in-law and sister got my niece her first “big girl” bike. I got way too many presents from my sister and brother-in-law, and I bought all of them a new flatscreen TV and an air fryer. Then came the knock on the door. I was in the bathroom. As soon as I heard the officer identify himself, I exited via the window. My truck was parked across the street in front of the neighbor’s house. I already had my winter “roadside emergency bag” so I quietly drove away.
72 hours later I am a long way from Denver- in Miami and at a public library. The news has me listed as wanted for questioning in regard to a string of rape/murders in Atlanta (where I have never, ever, been.)
From my spot in the stacks I saw the SWAT team arrive and could see the snipers take up positions. I have sent out the original file to every organization I can think of along with my bio and irrefutable proof I was elsewhere when the Atlanta crimes were committed.
I don’t know why this has to be a secret. It’s been going on since the 2nd or 3rd century. It’s in all the books, across all cultures. The fact that he is real, time-and-space-and-3D real, should be something to celebrate… give us all hope beyond Christmas. Why does keeping the big guy a secret have to be a worldwide conspiracy? Anyway, I have a way out of the building and Miami and a way North. I hooked up with a group that has more data on this than I could ever imagine. They’re mounting an expedition, and I’ve been invited. They’ve told me they have sources that know he’s not part of the conspiracy. When we get to where the big guy is, I’ll ask him about all the secrecy stuff that the world governments are co-operating on. Wonder what he’ll say? What list will the conspirators be on once he knows about all this?
All I can say is “better watch out.”