Author: Lorna McGinnis

Dear Valued Employees,

As you may know, the world will be destroyed next Wednesday. A massive asteroid will strike the earth at approximately 4:00pm PST, and that will be the end of humanity.

Unfortunately, additional requests for paid time off (PTO) in the interim cannot be accommodated as this would violate our two months’ notice scheduling policy. We expect you to show up for work promptly at 8am and remain in the office until at least 5pm.

Employees who violate this rule will be written up by their immediate supervisor, and repeated write ups will result in termination.

Any employee calling in sick must provide a doctor’s note.

However, we are able to honor any PTO requests made before the imminent obliteration of the planet became known as those are in accordance with our policy.

If you are deceased after 4pm on Wednesday and cannot work a full day, you will not be issued a write up. The company regards this as an extenuating circumstance. No doctor’s note will be needed in this case.

Best wishes to all of you during this trying time.


Jane T. Marshall
Chief Human Resources Officer