Author: JM Advent

Water filled the crevice of tan soil left in the wake of PC749’s hand. The Planetary Cultivator’s visual receptors reeled in scan of the rich tan soil in its palm. It’s masculine lips widened to the test results.

After a year of meticulous manipulation within the thick jungle of the region, harvest zone 59-742-8820 had achieved optimal nutrition retention and micro-biological levels and support systems were fully operational.

PC749 was ready to set off toward the next objective when the planetary defense sensors wailed.

20 foreign objects entering atmosphere.

PC749 rushed to the edge of a nearby cliff where a wide vantage point revealed a sky ablaze with space craft.

For the first time, no information could quench the curiosity. There was no protocol for this, the humans hadn’t logged any approach. This should not be happening.

All attempts to connect to a space craft were met with signal jammers. Why wouldn’t the humans want to connect? PC749 was only trying to guide them to the designated civilization promulgation zone.

It began sending the appropriate coordinates and seconds later the humans launched missiles and over 100 years of PC749’s efforts were incinerated.

PC749 fell to its knees and brought a hand to its lips. The humans then turned their weapons onto themselves.