Author: Majoki

Ever the entrepreneur, he put out a shingle: Claude Computing.

967.3 days later Claude had his first customer.

8,714.6 days after that the customer returned.

“A pleasure to see you again, sir,” Claude said.

“Same,” the customer acknowledged. “It’s good to see you in one piece.”

“It’s what the customer paid for.”

“Yes. Any data corruption you are aware of?”

Claude lifted his shirt to display a 2.4 inch scar on his lower right abdomen. “My appendix, sir. Removed. And in cryo. No data of consequence was lost because of sir’s foresight in storage allocation. Daily diagnostics report no significant degradation of information over these many years. Claude Computing takes its obligations seriously. And, of course, you’ve continuously tracked my biometrics as per our storage agreement.”

The customer nodded. “As to our agreement, I’ve come to collect Data Block 1.”

“Very good, sir. Is that all?”

The customer swallowed before answering, “And Data Block 2. As per the contract.”

“Of course. No need for sir to feel any apprehension at requesting both these data blocks. Data Block 1 has been available for 2,501.4 days as per contract. Data Block 2 became available 9.6 days ago. Claude Computing stands ready to honor its agreement.”

“Stands ready. Ironic phrasing. You know what this means?”

“Sir, when I put out my shingle, I knew more than anyone what this meant. Claude Computing is the pioneer in DNA Data Storage. I was the first to encode human DNA and make that process available to entities such as yours that require the most discreet storage of vast amounts of sensitive information. I do not know what Data Blocks 1 and 2 hold, but I know the storage capacity is 1019 bits per cubic centimeter which will house a year’s worth of a large nation’s total data needs.”

In response, the customer said, “Let’s get on with it then. Data Blocks 1 and 2.”

“Very good. I’ve prepped for the data extraction downstairs.”

Claude led the way down into a compact, brightly lit, clinically spotless operating room. Several medbots were in attendance. Claude positioned himself on a surgical gurney as the medbots readied him.

With an indelible ink marker Claude wrote Data Block 1 on his left leg and Data Block 2 on his right leg. “As per our agreement, sir.”

The customer stared at Claude’s bare legs. “You still stand by this?”

“A few pounds of flesh for progress? Yes.”

Within moments Claude was being sedated. The customer went upstairs. He looked over Claude Computing’s contract again, noting when further data blocks could be accessed.

Below, he heard the medbots’ instruments begin to whir.