Author: David Broz

You breathe life into me, I breathe life into you. Inhale, exhale, breathe, breathe.

The fans no longer spin, nothing spins, all is still.

Face to face, inches and miles apart, we breathe through this splintered air scrubber, through each other. You breathe out, I breathe in. You keep me alive, I keep you alive. We are alive.

Eyes like oceans, fathoms deep, there is nowhere else to look, we cannot look away. Each breath your breath, each breath mine, each breath you and all of me.

This moment an eternity, an eternity in this moment.

Slowly now, you reach for the beacon, your eyes in mine, only mine in yours, only your eyes, only our eyes. Softly, slowly I touch your arm. In this moment, a rescue, an eternity away, an eternity in this moment.