Author: Melissa Kobrin

Dear Kayley,

I have no idea when you’ll read this. I guess it depends on what planets your parents decide to trade with before coming back to Provident. But I need to vent to someone, and you’re the only one I can talk to about this. Just please try to be sympathetic okay? Here’s the big news: Ben broke up with me. It was so stupid. HE’S so stupid! It was during lunch today, and I had to pretend to be fine until school let out. He gave me some lame speech about how I deserved better than him, but I know it was really because I have some pimples. Which happens to LITERALLY EVERYONE. But he can’t look up whether I’ll be hot soon, and he doesn’t want to risk having an ugly girlfriend. He’s such a shallow jerk. I’m honestly glad that I’m not dating him anymore. It was creepy how much he bragged to his friends about me being ‘one of a kind’. I mean, I know I told you it was sweet, but now I know how completely egotistical he is. I can’t talk to anyone here about it, though. It’s too poor little rich girl. My parents are so awesome that the Council let them have me naturally and I should be so honored to be an Original and not a clone like everyone else. I’m so special my boyfriend just broke up with me and I’m going to die alone. Bethany was trying to cheer me up earlier, and I wanted to scream. You remember her from when we all hung out last time you were here? Her template was some pop star from Old Earth, and she’s pretty now and everyone knows she’s going to be gorgeous when she grows up. Plus she can sing. Everyone wants to go out with her. I know you think our whole system is stupid though, so I can complain to you. I just wish I could meet a cute guy who doesn’t wonder if I’ll get Alzheimer’s when we’re like eighty and he’ll have to take care of me. What’s it like out there on whole planets full of Originals? Can you bring some back for me? I hope you’re doing better than I am right now. Send me cute pictures of your cats. I need French Fry and Gizmo adorableness while I rage watch TV and eat ice cream. I miss you, try to convince your parents to come back to Provident soon!

Love you girl,