Author: Arthur Chappell

“It’s Adam taking the apple, not Eve. Genesis got it wrong.”

“Is this Eden, Herbert? Or a nudist camp with an orchard?”

“Very funny. Come on, before he takes a bite and drops us all in it.”

“Hey. Give me that apple back! Stop thief! Evie, get the angels. We’ve got trespassers.”

“Don’t be alarmed, Sir.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Clothes, Sir. Good old Savile Row tailoring.”

“Not cool, Man.”

“Man! Surely you’re the only man in creation, Ad.”

“So sorry Dear, Rest assured that we mean you no harm. Introductions are in order. I’m Herbert George Wells, and this is the esteemed Rudyard Kipling. “

“What God created you?”

“Hopefully the same one who married you to one of your own ribs, Adam.
We are here from your future. Mr Wells has a time machine while I learned about handling snakes during my years in India. We are here to stop you from committing Original Sin, thus saving humanity from great suffering.”

“Original what?”

“Never mind. Ah, my friend has the snake. Splendid. Wring the blighter’s neck, Rudyard. There. Done. Now I’ll chop down the tree and we’ll be off back to Edwardian splendor. Good day Sir, and you Lady Eve.”

“What strange men. Are you alright Adam?”

“Yes. Weirdos. Why destroy the apple tree and kill a harmless grass snake?”

“I’ll ask my friend the talking serpent. So glad those fools didn’t get him or the pomegranates on The Tree Of Knowledge.”

“Indeed Eve, God be praised for that.”