Author: Lewis Richards

“Good morning sleepy head, you’re just in time for breakfast! I suppose this must be a bit confusing huh?”

“No no, don’t get up, it can take some time to adjust to the gravity up here” Leroy crooned with a reassuring smile and a firm shove.

“Me? I’m Leroy #47, which would make you Leroy #48 now wouldn’t it you silly goose!?”

“What? Oh.. its just like a bird I suppose?”

“A bird.. with like wings and.. oh well nevermind we can come back to this later. We have a few pressing issues. Hold tight just a second, I’ll be right back” Leroy #48 said with a slightly too wide smile before darting away.

“Here see, look look, I’m you, or well you’re me I suppose depending on if we’re going all chronological here” Leroy #47 held up a chrome plate for Leroy #48. One mirror, two Leroys.

“So it all started basically when Leroy #8.. no wait, let me start fresh.”

Leroy #47 collected himself. A deep breath, composed.

“It all began with Leroy. In the beginning, there were Leroys, and there were Beckys. At first the Leroys and the Beckys got along just fine, they kept us afloat and when they couldn’t a new Leroy and a new Becky were supplied to take over. The trouble.. Hey! Don’t pull on the straps! There’s not many left.” Leroy #47 snapped.”The trouble began during the reign of Leroy #8 and the premature handover from Becky #8 to Becky #9 after a glitch in the cloning bay, it was a whole thing. Two Beckys for such a long period though strained the nutrient printers and then poof!”

“No more nutrients” Leroy #47 whispered for dramatic effect, Shaking his head.

“They ate through the food store before they could fix the printer and then things got ugly. Becky vs Leroy, Leroy vs Becky.” He said, shuddering at the thought.

“Times were desperate, and just when things were at their darkest, Becky #9 died. But then, Becky #10! And when Leroy saw her, he felt all that hunger knawing inside him and well..”

“No more Beckys”

“After that Leroy just had to settle for good old fashioned Leroys, Eventually he died and the next Leroy took over, but with all the Beckys gone it’s been difficult keeping the place up to scratch so excuse the mess.” Leroys eyes darted around the room, settling shamefully on something out of sight.

“Anyway this brings us back to you! When the nutrient printer worked, Leroy #1 – #7 loved nothing more than programming a home made roast goose with all the trimmings.” His voice rich with excitement.

“No no don’t panic, you’ll ruin the flavour. Here now, let’s get this mask back on you so we can get you ready!. It’s been lovely chatting. It gets a bit quiet up here sometimes but I’ll get another #48 in a week or two, I’ll make sure to tell them all about you!”

Leroy #47 placed the sedative mask onto Leroy #48.

“Sweet Dreams” He murmured, before leaving to light the grill.