Author: Alia Tyner

Suddenly, Astyn heard the alarm go off. He had gone too far, and now the red lights flashing around him told him it would be over soon. He leaned back against the cold metal of the lab walls. He just needed to catch his breath. He was too far from the door, and the twentieth floor was too high up to try the window.

“How did you get out?” the man in the tan lab coat stared at him. Astyn’s lack of an arm implant labeled him a domer.

“I work here.” Astyn thought he’d try anyway.

The man snorted and grabbed his arm, passing his own implant over Astyn’s face. He glanced in the distance for a moment. “You are far from home, Astyn Axiom. Your dome is more than 100 KM from here.”

“Where are the other people like me? The other domes?”

The man paused. “Far from here.”

“The world looks…okay.” Astyn offered.


“Why were we…?”

“You were poor and sick. We didn’t need you. So, we hid you away, and the rest of the world went on.” The man was smiling now, knowing his words were a last rite for Astyn.

“But- “

“It’s too late for you.”

Astyn could hear the footsteps of security approaching. “I know.” He charged forward, knocked down the doctor, and ran to the window. The emergency exit lever made it vanish. He jumped, pushed the button on his transmitter, and smiled.