Author: Vruti Naik

Captivated by the ancient tales of Atlantis and its enigmatic creatures, Dr Alan was determined to unravel the mystery and locate the fabled city. He had developed a ground-breaking technology – a program capable of holographic reconstruction, tapping into something known as elemental and environmental memory.

Gathering a skilled crew for his expedition, Dr Alan’s excitement was dampened by his wife’s scepticism. Being a historian, she regarded Atlantis as a mere myth. However, Alan was fuelled by a deeper motivation, one he hadn’t shared with anyone: his belief in parallel dimensions.
He was convinced that his technology could bridge the gap between our reality and an invisible parallel realm. By doing so, he hoped to make the mystical creatures and the lost city visible to the entire world, proving its existence to all those who denied it.

However, he was aware of the dangerous gamble he was undertaking. Manipulating time and space could have unpredictable consequences, a small wrinkle in time could change his reality and that of this entire world. And hence he made sure all his calculations were accurate.

After a long and arduous journey, they arrived at the suspected location, hidden deep within the vast desert, far from civilization. As the team set up the machines, anticipation filled the air. Dr Alan encouraged his crew with a final pep talk, and they initiated the holographic reconstruction program.

A blinding light enveloped them, and they felt as though they were warping through space at an incredible speed. Within seconds, everything came to a halt. When they opened their eyes, their amazement knew no bounds – there stood what looked like the lost city of Atlantis, resplendent in its ancient glory just like in the tales. Dr Alan couldn’t contain his joy and danced like a child who had discovered a wondrous treasure.

Yet, the jubilation was short-lived when one of the scientists noticed their chopper was missing. Panic set in, but soon a faint voice echoed in the distance. As it grew nearer, a figure emerged, wielding a trident – a tall, imposing creature. “Welcome to Atlantis,” the being declared with a bright smile.

Suddenly, a horde of creatures materialized behind their leader, charging toward Dr. Alan and his crew. Fear gripped them as they realized their lives were in grave danger. In a matter of seconds, the fearsome creatures devoured every trace of the humans, leaving no evidence behind.

The leader, with a wicked smile, pointed towards the holographic machine. “Are you hungry for more?” he taunted as if the breach between dimensions had unleashed a malevolent force.