Author: Daniel Aceituna

“This must be the place,” the police chief said, as the motorcade arrived at the address the time traveler had given them.
The traveler jumped out of the car, “Quickly, we must get into that apartment; billions of future lives hang in the balance.”
After breaking down the door, they rushed into the empty apartment and found an ironing board with an iron lying on it.
“That’s it!” The time traveler knelt and unplugged the iron.
He then stood up, pressed a button on his belt, and said, “Your descendants thank you,” as he faded away.
Moments later, they received a call from the president’s office. Another time traveler had showed up.
A half-hour later, they arrived at the same apartment.
“That’s it!” the new time traveler said. She knelt under the ironing board and plugged in the iron.
“Billions are in your debt,” She said, pressing a button on her wristband. She faded away.
“Chief, the president’s on the phone.”
“Sure. Let me guess.”