Author: Rainbow Heartshine

“Internet porn is succubi terraforming. Is what you’re telling me with this.”

“We embrace all kinks and fetishes that can be worked out with love,” Dylan typed as if in response to himself, though he couldn’t really say it was either ‘typing’, or him doing it, even though it was his body twitching and fidgeting the sensors in his outfit to tell his phone his keystrokes without having to do anything as crass as taking it out or poking at buttons on its screen.

“…but as you can see, sexy demons who want you to emit lots of yummy sexual energy are quite overrepresented,” the being manipulating him so subtly went on.

This would look insane, if someone looked at his text logs, talking to himself this way, especially since most of the conversation so far was what you’d expect from an ’emosynthesizing person’, as the being said the proper technical term was, but insane didn’t let you know your both know coworkers’ backup passwords and type them with the correct haptic profile so you could be shown everyone else in the company was having an equally interesting “lunch hour” (this being why he could be sure doing all this literally-horny “resarch” wouldn’t result in a talk with HR).

Of course, it was the code they’d spent all morning “typing” that was scary. He hadn’t been able to follow most of it, but if it was what he was thinking, and they could access the production servers as easily as his coworkers’ chatlogs…

“It’s funny you should think of the term Human Resources,” the being typed in response to his thoughts, “but don’t be scared. Sadness doesn’t taste very good, and depression puts out the light we’re trying to feed on. You’ll have the best of care. Look at this now.”

ESP BODILY RESPONSES did seem like an obvious thing to search for next, but the results were a lot more academic than he was expecting. All the stories were apocryphal, of course, but almost every “medium” reported some form of—

“Okay wait,” he blurted. “VV said the idea of the Fidgetboard came to him in a dream—“

“Very yes!,” came the reply with a weird feeling he was starting to recognize as the psychic perception of the being’s giggling. ”Making you twitch and jump is as easy as breathing for us, and we can be very coordinated, if you only practice the neural pathways that make it possible a little.”

“Fidgetboards have been standard for a decade, though. Why only now?”

“I think you know the answer to that, sweetie,” the being answered with a scary gentleness.

Dylan did, as he tried to think of where in the building—or city—he would find a phone that still had a touchscreen.

“it’s very helpful. You all practice all day long! It makes it so easy, we can do just about anything, even mimic haptic profiles.”

“People will just take their sensors off—“

His voice cut off.

“I think you know the answer to that too, sweetie,” the demon typed.

Dylan gulped, though he couldn’t say it was him doing it.