Author: Majoki

Tatiana crossed the snowfield as if on a ballet stage. She leapt and spun and gracefully bowed when a snowshoe hare crossed her path and stopped. She then encouraged a few curious minks by waving them towards her racing heart. Glorious. All glorious.

At the edge of the snowfield, the spaceship was cloaked in steam, but Tatiana advanced towards its enchanting lights. Odd, oscillating hues far beyond the visible spectrum that she felt rather than perceived.

Her hair frizzed as the falling snow evaporated in the super-heated air, and the bells on her boots tinkled merrily as she did a little jig. All of this as it should be. All of this to explain. As it had been Tatiana’s whole life.

Why she spoke in song and moved in dance. Why wildlife sought her out. Why she disappeared into the woods and fields at night. Why. Why. Why.

But she did not question the appearance of the spaceship, a fellow traveler, a curious being, an audience.

She performed. Song, dance, advanced biology of the soul. This is life! This is life! Tatiana regaled. The odd, oscillating lights applauded her. The minks nearby agreed with their continued attentiveness.

Tatiana reveled. Glorious. All glorious.

The spaceship went dark. Shouts and lights approaching from beyond the woods abruptly ended Tatiana’s evening. On her return, she followed the snowshoe hare past the rapt minks into the silent woods and towards the town’s pale glow.

Those entering the snowfield, those questioning everything, heard nothing more, saw nothing more, learned nothing more. In the days to come, they only asked more questions of themselves. Of Tatiana.

Always, she sang and danced. This is life! This is life!

She knew. The universe is not a question, it is an answer, and each of our lives, if joyously embraced, is a satisfying explanation.