Author: David C. Nutt

The uniformed Da’Ri officer saw me enter the bar and nearly ran to me. He was at my booth before I had a chance to settle in and was talking at light speed before the first round hit the table. Things did not go well for the Da’Ri today. As an observer for my people, it was with mixed feelings I watched the humiliating unconditional surrender of the Da’Ri empire to the Human Confederation. Still, I was looking forward to some quiet time at the bar. Ah, the grinding life of a diplomat!
“Mr. Ambassador I formally request asylum in the Zrall Republic.”
That was a shocker. Other than a Da’Ri functionary (a military attaché I believe) I had no idea who he was. Before I could make any further inquiry he seized the conversation.
“I am, was, a junior officer in the military intelligence division.”
I nodded and motioned for him to continue.
“About two cycles ago my boss said the humans were getting close in boosting warp drive efficiency and we needed to distract their scientific efforts. He threw a dozen certifiably insane theories and proposals on the table culled from our Ministry of Science trash bin. None of it classified, most of it insane and ridiculous rantings. Some even circulated amongst the scientific community as jokes.” He paused. I motioned for the barkeep to bring my new companion a drink. I was intrigued, it was at least worth a drink. “Please continue.” I said mustering all the sympathy and concern I could.
He sighed. “The plan was to float this nonsense as “secrets” through our agents. Our plan worked. Money, personnel, and facilities were being re-directed into all the pseudo-science double speak. Blither-blather our own intelligence service let the humans ‘capture’.” The aid was looking around. He leaned in. “The plan was working so well we began to make headway in the war. Resources were already stretched tight for the humans and we were now grinding them down. Our comrades in the war plans department told us the humans would fall in less than a third of a cycle.”
I motioned for another drink to be sent. He went on.
“Two days later the Human armies materialized on our home world and every strategic world and colony. No warp signature, no fleet, no drop ships- just their armies and they materialized everywhere including inside our high security zones.”
I nodded. Space folding. What any race would give to understand that technology.
“And how they were equipped! Personal shields for every soldier! Filters that made our bio weapons harmless. Psionic force fields that enabled their adepts to toss about divisions, actual divisions, like toys being swept from a table!”
I nodded again. All this was known. It was a reversal that would go down in galactic history second only to rise of the humans as the undisputed super power of our galaxy. Their new technology made all our advanced sciences seem quaint at best.
My nameless Da’Ri attaché reached across the table and grabbed my lapels. “Don’t you get it? Their super weapons, their break throughs, their godlike powers! It was all our disinformation…the ravings of lunatics and mad men. They made it work! But the most terrifying thing is there’s more they haven’t perfected yet!
I granted his asylum request right then and there and got him off planet as soon as possible. This attaché might not have any detailed plans, but he might remember just enough for us to capitalize on what the humans will bring forth next.