TeleGo, Inc.

Author : R.D. Harris

Do you want to get away, but don’t have the money?

Look no further than your friends at TeleGo! Our state-of-the-art teleporters are cancer-free and stress-free. No muss, no fuss. Choose any of our models for you trip. We offer the TeleGo 86, 87, and 89.

How much do you pay at departure time? Ten percent? No! Five percent? Absolutely not. You pay nothing down at the time of your trip and have twenty-four months to pay it off.

Do you like entertainment? Of course you do. That’s why TeleGo now offers tropical dreams with trips of five minutes or more. Who wants to loiter in a boring limbo anyhow? Picture yourself on the perfect beach while you await your destination. Dreams start at the very low price of $99.99.

We’re at the southeast corner of Native Road and George Water Wickinshire Boulevard. Right next to Bernie’s Crazy Crematorium. Come see us, and remember that we never say no at Telego.

*Plus tax, insurance, and a $599 administrative fee. Special offers contingent on approved credit rating. TeleGo Inc. is not responsible for any damage done to self or property. TeleGo Inc. is not responsible for any monetary losses suffered.


  1. Hypersapien

    Right next to a crematorium, you say…

  2. xdhz8

    That’s fun…but I wanted to try the Telego 88.

  3. SimonJM

    Love the casual ‘cancer-free’ line 🙂

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