Author : V.L. Ilian

The vault doors closed unceremoniously under the gaze of thousands. The sound of the heavy machinery could still be heard for a few moments but people turned away from the massive gates. On the platform stood several men whose faces everybody knew.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our benefactor…” the sounds of applause drowned anything else the announcer wanted to say so he retreated.

The man that came up to the podium, without saying a single word, had the undivided attention of everyone.

“It was only a year ago that our astronomers discovered the phenomenon that changed our lives so profoundly. Within a month every man, woman or child in the world could see it growing in our sky. The Spot became the focus of our world. But while governments panicked, cults formed and millions simply stood in futile amazement we decided to take action. As darkness filled the lands we stood as one ensuring our future.

The nuclear reactors, the hydroponic gardens, the heat gatherers… none of these would be capable of ensuring our survival alone. Together they all form this facility. It is the culmination of our efforts and every person in this room should be proud of their contribution to it.

So I ask you all not to dwell on what we’ve left behind. We place this seal to protect our future from the frozen wastes… a future that I promise we will forge together.”

As the man retreated from the podium the sound of applause was drowned by the sound of machinery welding huge sets of obsidian-like plates onto the vault doors.

Backstage ten agents had restrained a researcher stopping him from reaching the podium.

“Why didn’t you tell them?… You all take pride in your policy of building our future together but you don’t even tell them the truth.”

“Take him back to Section 5 and keep him there.”

“Why didn’t you tell them? Why didn’t you tell them the Spot is artificial?”

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