Author : Aron White

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Davidson said, staring at Earth through the viewport. “There’s nothing like seeing the real thing. Reality is the ultimate high-definition experience. Just a few more days and we’ll be heading back home.”

Anders floated across the cabin, bumped Davidson out of the way and stuck his face against the transparent material.

“It would be more interesting if we weren’t performing the same missions as our grandfathers.”

Davidson rolled his eyes. “Show a bit of respect for those ‘grandfathers.’ They broke barriers and paved the way for us.”

“My point exactly. This isn’t the 1960’s, it’s the 21st century for heck’s sake! We need something new, something adventurous! Let’s break some new barriers for a change!”

Davidson shook his head. “What a crew the three of us make. One yearning for home, another for adventure and the third…” Davidson turned away from the viewport. “And how about you, Bronson? What’s your dream?”

Across the cabin, Bronson was staring out another viewport away from Earth, towards empty space.

“Me?” Bronson said without moving. “My dream is over. Now it’s time to go home.”

Davidson chuckled. “I hate to break it to you, but you’re facing the wrong way. Earth is on this side of the room.”

“Your home,” Bronson said, slowly turning to face Davidson and Anders, “but not mine.”

In a matter of seconds, Bronson’s human appearance melted away and shrunk downwards into a humanoid alien with stumpy appendages, chubby abdomen and a large cranium with big black, lidless eyes.

“What the…” Before Davidson could finish his sentence, the Bronson-turned-alien teleported across the cabin and used a three-fingered hand to tap each astronaut on the shoulder. Both men instantly passed out.

Twenty minutes later, Davidson woke to find both he and a still-unconscious Anders bound with metallic cords, secured against one of the cabin walls. The alien floated several feet away, typing commands into the spacecraft navigation system.

“Wha…what are you?” Davidson stammered.

“Does Roswell, New Mexico ring a bell?”

“That…that was supposed to be a rumor…”

“Well, the rumor is now the reality standing before you, Davidson. How’s that for a high-definition experience?”

“But…but why are you doing this, Bronson? Is that even your real name?”

“Bronson was the name I adopted in my human form. I’m commandeering this ship to return to my own planet. I was the lone survivor of the Roswell crash and have spent the past century waiting and watching. I needed a vehicle to launch myself into space, hence the gig as an astronaut.”

“But how will you…”

“There are leapways, or wormholes, throughout space. They’re not hard to find if you know what to look for. I’ve located one and we’re moments away from entry.”

Davidson’s eyes bulged as the full weight of the situation began to sink in.

The alien turned away from the navigation system to face Davidson. “I’m sorry to take you away from Earth, but do try to relax.”

“Relax?! How do you intend for Anders and I…”

“I’m optimistic you will be able to make a home of my planet as I did yours, and Anders shouldn’t have a problem with the new situation.”

“What makes you say…”

“Anders is about to fulfill one of his biggest dreams.”

Davidson tilted his head to one side questioningly as the alien continued.

“For the human race, he and you are both about to break many new barriers in space exploration, just like your grandfathers.”

Davidson was quiet as their spacecraft reached its intended target and vanished into the leapway.

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