Author : Phillip Riviezzo

-Raw materials for construction of labor habitat modules: Sixty million stellar credits.

-Neutronium fuel for supply ship transit: Eighty-five million stellar credits.

-Third-generation hostile environment mining equipment: Five hundred million stellar credits.

-Estimated one-year wage allotment for labor staff: Twenty million stellar credits.

-Spare parts and repair budget for mining equipment: Three hundred fifty million stellar credits.

-Medical supplies and first aid budget for labor staff: Ten million stellar credits.

-Payouts in judgements from wrongful death suits by labor dependents: Zero stellar credits.

-Legal representation fees incurred during wrongful death suits: Seven hundred million stellar credits.

-Contracting of mercenary unit ‘Moltavi’s Marauders’ for onsite supplementary security: One-point-two billion stellar credits.

-Contractually obligated death and injury payouts to ‘Moltavi’s Marauders’: Eight hundred seventy-five million stellar credits.

-Bribes and kickbacks to Cluster Assembly legislators to declare striking miners as seditious: Twenty-six billion stellar credits.

-Ammunition consumed by federal army troops during forceful suppression of five-year ‘miner’s revolt’: Forty-one billion stellar credits.

-Decontamination and reconstruction of mining facilities and labor habitats: Six-point-four trillion stellar credits.

-Wall-to-wall hand-carved bedroom windows of multi-hued gemstone in a company-funded vacation home on Esperion IV: Priceless.

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