Author: Alfred C. Airone

There may be someone in my house. A stranger. There were strange lights outside an hour ago. Could they be connected to the reports of a spaceship landing?

I went out to find out what I could, but I met no one. Everyone’s staying inside. When I returned, I found my front door closed but unlocked. Had I forgotten to lock it? I think so, but I can’t be sure. I was too distracted.

Or is there someone in my house?

I hear unfamiliar sounds coming from upstairs. I go upstairs to check and I look in every room, but see no one. I don’t check closets, I don’t look under the bed in the spare room. In all honesty, I am afraid to.

Downstairs again. I’m suddenly aware of every creak in my house. I hear sounds, some of which I can identify: the window that always rattles when there is a wind, the scrape of branches against the dining room wall. I hear other noises that – have I heard them before? I don’t recognize them. Was I just not listening before?

It’s getting dark early – the wind is bringing a storm. Perhaps the spaceship had to land for some reason. The equivalent of a flat tire or a check engine light. Was there even a spaceship landing? The shouted reports I heard from the street were anxious and perhaps it was just fear speaking. I turn on the TV, check my phone. The TV is showing nothing but advertisements. My phone answers only inconclusively: “Several reports have been heard of a spaceship landing…”, “An unconfirmed rumor is spreading…”

There: a door upstairs slammed! But there is no further noise: no hurrying feet, or slithering coils, or clacking insectile paws. I remember I may have left a window open – it could have been just the wind that caused the door to slam. Or…?

In a minute I will go upstairs and check more thoroughly.

I hope there isn’t anyone in my house. Or…maybe I hope there is?