A Peace of your Mind

Author : Martin Spernau

I was in deep trauma when I first met her.

They had suspended me from active duty after cutting me from the remains of my fighter six days after the battle in deep void. Recreation! But the war wasn't over! It was my duty to fight, to protect ...


Author : Aelanna Cessara Within a fraction of a second of its birth, it had already consumed its environment in its entirety, every last nook and cranny and crack available to it, and already it hungered for more. With blinding speed, it expanded, met the barrier that had meant to ...

Sierra and Blackie

Author : S. Clough (Hrekka) "...you see, the Commonwealth is actually a net exporter, primarily of unprocessed ores and foodstuffs..." Michael Struss was the regional ambassador for the Nomad Republic. His job had been easy in the past, just a simple admin job on a backwater world. ...

Little Brother

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Marcus leaned, hands shoulder width apart on the pipe steel railing, looking down upon his brothers vacated domain. He'd been gone three weeks, and yet the tear inside was as raw now as it had been when the call had finally come from the ...

Under New Management

Author : Benjamin Fischer

For her display of courage of the highest order in the defense of Mother Diana, Mariel was given a promotion and command of the newest space station in all of Luna’s territories. There were still bullet holes and bloodstains on the bulkheads, and the ...


Author : Duncan Shields

It wasn’t the blood or their still-staring eyes that did it. It was the smile I could feel fading on my cheeks. My throat hurt like I’d screamed myself hoarse and the muscles in my face hurt like I’d been laughing for hours. Everyone in the department ...

Knock Knock

Author : Lauren L. Wheeler

I walk to the front door, rubbing sleep out of my eyes.

"Hello?" I say, trying to look through the peephole, but it's so dark, I can't make out anything. And now everything's silent.

It's 3:14 in the morning, so everything should be silent. ...

Into Ye Bodies Ye Go

Author : Pyai (aka Megan Hoffman)

Three years and two continents later, they reunited in an airport in Nairobi. As far as airports go, it was one of the worst they could have picked. The dust blew in and aluminum clusters of waste rolled into the traps the homeless set up to catch ...

When The Sunlight Is No More

Author : V.L. Ilian

The vault doors closed unceremoniously under the gaze of thousands. The sound of the heavy machinery could still be heard for a few moments but people turned away from the massive gates. On the platform stood several men whose faces everybody ...

One in a Trillion

Author : Josh Romond

“One more time. CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?”

“Ugh, would you please STOP already?”


“Did it ever occur to you that simply no one’s interested in what you have to say?”

“You can hear me! You can hear my ...

The Panhandler

Author : Benjamin Fischer

“Begging,” and the cop practically spat the word, “is not allowed in Silver City.”

Nelson grinned and shook his plastic cup. It jingled, filled with a motley collection of transit tokens, poker chips, and low-end credit ...


Author : Patrica Stewart

The little boy was sitting in a chair that was clearly designed for an adult. His feet, which didn’t quite reach the floor, swayed back and forth like two tiny crisscrossing pendulums. His arms were wrapped tightly around some sort of red stuffed animal ...

Confessions of a Cannibal Sun

Author : Joshua Reynolds

A little flare.

Just a flash on the other side of the sun, our sun, and it was gone.

That was when we knew it had escaped.

We made it in a generator the size of a grown man's thumb. Just a little thing, a little spark. But it was a ...

A Mother's Love

Author : Jinque

"How much further is it, sweetheart?" from the backseat of the car, Mitchell stroked his hand across baby Willow's tiny head, slightly mussing her soft black hair.

"At least two hours. The traffic ahead looks even worse than it has been. Curse you for ...

The Visitor

Author : Kenny R. Brown

"Hello there; it's so nice to see you!"

The door slid open noiselessly on a set of hidden tracks. The old man gestured expansively, welcoming his guest.

"I've been hoping that you would visit for quite a while now. I've hardly had any company ...

The Organ War

Author : C. Hale

After the Organ War, Jerald was called the Last Donor. An odd title for sure, considering that he was actually the first to do a lot of things.

Most importantly, he was the first to figure out that we were nothing but walking organ banks being raised by ...

The Highwayman

Author : Jeff Deignan

As I floated, I thought to myself, “Poems end this way.”

It was easy enough, in the beginning. People expected thieves to use lasers, the sonic tech, or even small atomics for holdups, and security would check for that sort of thing. Security ...

The New Girl

Author : J.R.Blackwell, Staff Writer "I just can't believe they dumped me!" Relex squealed into the Audio Tube. "Relex, Silkstring, Bloodpuff, you have to calm down." Relex mothers voice chimed evenly through the Audio Tube. "It's been three sun cycles now, and you need to start the ...

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