Author : Kenny R. Brown

A very sweaty, very fat man with a rifle paces back and forth at the top of the wall. He is guarding the only entrance, but he is more for effect than for any real purpose. An entire army would be unable to break down these doors. Made of an unknown ...

Eternal Life

Author : Patrick Supple

At the peak of the technological firestorm of the mid-21st century, few would have forecast a second Dark Age. The advance of dogma started with the unification of the world’s major religions into an evangelical philosophy in the 2050s. Many had welcomed ...


Author : S. 'Hrekka' Clough

"So what are you?"

"I told you. A meme." She pronounced it like 'theme'. "A memeplex, to be precise. A self-propagating collection of ideas and concepts. A unit of culture, my dear."

"I don't quite understand."

"Let me give you an ...

Footnote to War

Author : Graham T. Swanson Move.

Somewhere inside the soldier’s brain, a neuron crackled and died sending a signal to a limb incapable of receiving, or doing anything about it had it actually done so. He had long ago lost all link or power to the armor’s ...

Technical Knockout

Author : Stin

Final round.

Just don’t get knocked out.

Just keep on your feet.

You can do this, you need to do this. You need this win.


He’s too fast. I can barely touch him. It’s not fair, they shouldn’t be allowed to ...

Cyber Love

Author : Dane Richmond

The media fanfare had died down after the first few months. It had been amazing at first but it gradually made the transfer to annoying and then overwhelming. Now years later the paparazzi were gone along with their fame. There was the occasional ...

American Golem

Author : Joshua Reynolds

They were tearing him apart. Muscle by muscle, tendon by tendon. Unraveling him like a ball of string. He screamed but he had no tongue and no sound came out as something cold and hard cut into his throat, spreading the edges of his flesh back like the ...

Seven Seconds

Author : Aelanna Cessara


He only had seconds left to live. Despite all the augmentations and training that the soldier had received, the result of countless centuries of evolution and refinement in the art of war, technology could not truly ease the limit of ...


Author : B.York, Staff Writer Everyone deserves another chance. Sometimes when I look out amongst the white blankets I can conceive of forgiveness, or even a world where people could make mistakes before they were judged. I try to believe in my excess chances that go on further than ...

Dear John

Author : Duncan Shields

I woke up from the deep cryosleep with a bleary head and a taste in my mouth like I’d licked a battery. The gel washed off cleanly and I was standing in the hall with the other colonists in my underwear with the HR monitors still stuck to us like faithless ...

Guilt by Association (Youthful Indiscretion)

Author : Jinque

Eoin dropped his bag in the hallway, and turned into his living room. His computer was nowhere to be seen.

"Caprice, I'm home. Where are you?" Eoin's computer poked her head over the top of his favourite chair.

"I'm right here, Master Eoin! Welcome ...

Ghosts of Earth

Author : Curtis C. Chen

The first crystal fell on Los Angeles in the middle of rush hour, killing thirty-two people. Caltrans spent an hour trying to move the enormous mass before it drilled itself into the ground and disappeared.

Two hours later, another crystal splashed ...

Historical Writing

Author : David Zhou

"My card," he said, bowing gracefully to the client from Tarqon, the fifth planet in the Tostis system out in the deep reaches of the Spiraling Galaxy.

"I want to thank you," the client said. "Thank you for taking on this job. They said you were the only ...

Pride In Chains

Author : J.R.Blackwell, Staff Writer "Are we slaves?" said Marixix, sliding out of Lilria's slick bed. "Or do we freely choose our lives?" Lilria rolled over onto her side, admiring her lovers muscular naked back. "Ooooo…Such deep inquiry directly after our 'little ...

Coincidental Probability

Author : B. York, Staff Writer Being in a think tank wasn't easy. Dev never saw it as easy but he lived it because of his pursuit for the perfect equation. Life in pursuit of such a grand dream was not without its quirks however. No one could have predicted the probability of Dev's ...

Persistence of Vision

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer The human eye is made up of two different types of photoreceptive elements known as rods and cones. These elements convert the light from everything you look at into information that is passed electrochemically to the brain for interpretation. An ...

In Remembrance

The Lethe was plastic, white. It bore the black logo of Mnemoprises and a large yellow caution sticker that warned ebayers and Chinatown chopshop owners that it was illegal to use without proper company-granted certification. None of them listened, of course. The list of warnings was ...

Flight Test

Author : James Mallek

It was with a running leap that he finally brought himself to do it. John hurled himself off the top of the eighty-story Hertz Building.

5 seconds of free fall before he righted himself, face down, parallel to the ground.

Terminal velocity ...

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