Visiting the in-laws on Rigel 12

Author : Geoffrey Cashmore

“I hate this bit.” Tress settled back into her trans-seat and blinked as the young man in the blue uniform smiled and sprayed a puff of Tranq into her face.

“Blurq!” In the next seat, her husband lay back too as his host closed the canopy and ...

A Matter of Control

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer Today I'm teaching my new arm how to stack discs on a peg. This exercise is no different from everything else I've done here lately. All pretty much futile. The way it's supposed to work is with my real right arm I place the biggest blue ring on the ...

The More Things Change, etc.

Author : Cody Lorenz

One explosion behind her, one to the left. Sylvia ducked into the nearest available hole, just as the third boom sent dust into that very same nook.

She crouched, grabbing up the carbine, flipping open its cover, and staring at the little screen, pausing ...

Electric Revolution

Author : Grady Hendrix

The woman on the bus was beautiful. That was true of most suicide bombers - they had a glow about them like an expectant mother or a rich man. The bus turned up the hill and she tried not to let her elbows bump into the explosives strapped to her ...


Author : Emily Cleaver

Something was wrong. The explosions cracked through Kinleigh’s earpiece. On the periphery of his vision to the left delicate violet orchids of plasma fire bloomed in the low gravity against the black bulk of the hill. They were firing. Why the fuck were ...

The Russian Package

Author : Viktor Kuprin

Father was up late cleaning his long rifle and my old musket. Mother fried biscuits and packed pickle dog for us to take on our trip to Fort Needmore.

No, we don’t eat dogs. That’s just what we called pickled baloney. We always took it when we went ...

Temporal Psychosis

Author : Patricia Stewart, Staff Writer Kathleen Wright entered the Temporal Control Room after being notified of a Class I permutation to the Primary Timeline. "I got your message, Williams. What's the problem?" "Sorry to bother you on your day off, Ms Wright, but it appears that ...

The Art of the Sky

Author : Sam Clough aka "Hrekka", Staff Writer "What's that?" Cal asked, gesturing to the ornately patterned box resting on the mat in the centre of Petra's cabin. His passenger had a southerner's skin, and the wrist spurs that showed her to be a Kadian, a native of the desert. "La ...

Agent 13

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer

Agent 13 jumped out of the bomb-bay doors of the scrambler jet into silent extended twilight.

He fell for three calm, wind-buffeted minutes before starfishing his teflon squirrelwings out. The wrist-to-ankle elastic bodychute ...


Author : Simon Petrie

Afar contemplates lifting something small, a souvenir, but is distracted by the conversation at the next table:

"…forgot our anniversary, so I'm sending flowers back."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"You kidding? It's just one day. Not going ...

A New Kind of Data

Author : Beth Mathison

She knew it was a bad idea when the man dropped dead in front of her.

She had seen death before, when she had lived on the streets. But that had been long ago, almost a different life. The suddenness of this man’s death had caught her off guard. ...


Author : Debbie Mac Rory

The thing shrieked like a badly tuned violin.

“It’s been making those sounds for days now”, the woman said. The white-robed man nodded absentmindedly; he was unable to tear his eyes away from the creature on the examining table.

A ...

The Star Prince

Author : J.R.Blackwell, Staff Writer Lucias XI, the Star Prince, son of Byron II, the Merchant King, threw open the double doors to the marble war room. His demeanor was fierce, his face chiseled, displaying no emotion. His wiry body was tense, coiled. He pointed as he stomped into ...

Just Like Everyday

Author : Steven Holland

You awake; the familiar smell of synthetic, processed food greets you. The pneumatic tube has delivered three packages of food. They contain artificial eggs, sausage, and pancakes today, just like every day. You, Stackhouse, and Sergeant Zimmerman begin ...

An Android's Story

Author : Tim Brown

The wind blew fiercely from behind him, ruffling his long chestnut colored hair and brushing it over his eyes. Absentmindedly he took his slender fingers and pushed the shoulder-length strands aside, hardly putting thought to the bellowing gales coming from the ...

Sun Surfing

Author : Duncan Shields, Staff Writer

The red vinyl of the gearshifter was warm from conducting the engine heat. I readjusted my grip on the softening plastic and aimed for the sun. This was gravity surfing at its finest.

The cab of my surfship was alive with luck ...

Freedom Pets

Author : Grady Hendrix

Tom Rush (D-Massachusetts) squatted and hugged his Labrador-Beagle mix at the perfect angle for the camera to see just how much he loved his dog.

“Mashudu is the luckiest dog in the world and I am so proud to play a part in what has been one of the ...


Author : Viktor Kuprin

"B83-1 was the human designation for the devices. We first thought the images might be related to the trigger mechanism, but it isn't so," explained Intelligence Reporter PLOF-873 as he followed his commander into the storage bunker. "We have the human leader ...

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