Author : Sad Sama

"You're serious?" The Rear Admiral of the Arizona Fleet questions his superior for the first time in twelve years.

First Resident Menos stands with hands clasped behind his back, morosely watching the field of stars passing the windows of the command deck ...

Mega Flare

Author : Patricia Stewart

The ship had left Earth orbit 77 days ago. They just passed the halfway point on their supply mission to the Lowell Colony on Mars when the solar flare warning alarm began its variable whine. “Computer, deactivate the alarm,” instructed the captain. ...


Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer "Son of a bitch!". The Station Chief cut off comms with his boss, dropping back heavily in his chair before planting two battered boots against the desk frame and propelling himself away from it in disgust. "They want us to stop digging Tom?" The ...

The Inspirer

Author : J. S. Kachelries

As Archimedes lowered himself into his bath, water lapped over the top edge and spilled onto the floor. “Damn it, you fool,” he cursed aloud, “You overfilled the tub again.”

“Not necessarily, master,” I pointed out. “It’s not too ...

In Memory of Persistence

Author : Duncan Shields

I’d like to remember her the way most ex-boyfriends remember their exes. That is to say, when I’m drunk and missing her, I want to remember that space right under her ear, her easy smile, and that way that she’d hiccup if she laughed too much. When ...


Author : Michael Herbaugh a.k.a. "Freeman"

I’m sitting

That’s my first thought

I can’t move my hands

That’s the next thought. Then like a lightning bolt, I’m fully conscious. I know where I am and I know why I am here.

“WAIT! I ...

Robbie's Repair

Author : Selena Thomason

Robbie woke to find himself in a strange room.

A man appeared at his side. "How are you feeling?" he asked, placing a hand on Robbie's metal shoulder.

"Strange," Robbie replied slowly.

"Do you know who I am?"


"It's ...

The Sounds of Music

Author : Kaj Sotala

On the remote planet of Niere IV, countless minds were constantly being played for a vast audience of listeners. Deep within the planet's crust, the brains were enclosed in immense suprasteel vaults, floating in vast chambers of nutrient liquid. Protected day ...


Author : Debbie Mac Rory

Daniel fell to the grass so that the air from his lungs exited with a whoosh. He closed his eyes and let the cool of the earth leach the tension from his shoulders. When he opened them again, clouds drifted serenely by, lit by the twin moons and the gentle ...

Hey, Rube!

Author : Steve Smith, Staff Writer "You know, puny human, you're about to die?" The voice reverberated off the store fronts, assailing the ears like broken glass. "You think you're faster? That you can outgun me?" The biped stood stoic, unusually tall and peculiarly ...


Author : Pyai

She tapped me on the shoulder as I placed the rubber lid over the last of the macaroni casserole. I didn’t turn around.

“You’re quiet,” she said. She knew. I nodded.

One of the caterers came over to me and took the dishes away from in front of ...

Player Two

Author : Duncan Shields

I wake up. It’s dark. I’m in chains.

I’m in a prison cell. Like in a castle. Like in the middle ages.

Straw on the floor, mortared brick stonework, metal door, the whole bit. My lenses adjust. Clearly this is a construct. Incongruously, ...


Author : Sarah Klein

He was getting another body. Again.

Always something new, though. Many people got almost the same body again - erase my scars, make me look younger, but I want to keep my fingerprints, they'd say. Smooth out the wrinkles, get rid of my freckles - that ...

Ian Gets Involved

Author : Selena Thomason

Ian knew he shouldn’t get involved. Still, he set down his drink, tapped on the towering back next to him and said, "Look, why don't you leave her alone? Clearly the lady is not interested."

The hulk turned towards him, which is when Ian noticed ...


Author : Sad Sama

"What's it like?"

The pale-haired wispy woman that is Alicia stares up at Brian as he asks his question. From the observation deck behind the engine complex the two of them could view the planet below. It is a humbling sight, but Brian's attention is on ...

Alternate 6633KE

Author : Joshua Reynolds

The dead moved on surprisingly swift legs, despite muscles that had to be mostly composed of rot. So he ran faster.

It had been a meteor, carrying a star-sickness. That was what had caused it. It wouldn't have mattered if he hadn't been here when it ...


Author : TJMoore

Simon checked his course and speed against his charts. He was still only marginally ahead of the others but he hoped to be well ahead at the far buoy. He checked his lines and glanced at his sail which was full and tight. He relaxed and went below to fix some ...


Author : Rusty

People of the earth, I am sorry.

Mostly, I am sorry for the weapon pointed at me head, which you cannot see on your screen. But I think I am not as sorry as the person holding that weapon, who is hopefully debating wildly whether or not he should shoot me as ...

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